Sundsvall Open 8-29-09

Commander Crowe 2009 Sundsvall Open

The new Commander Crowe
A horse back in full form. A driver that gets it 100% right. A trainer whose instincts were correct. Three reasons Commander Crowe managed to take home the Sundsvall Open Trot today; the new Commander Crowe.
In front of a record crowd of 20.000 spectators at Bergsåker Commander Crowe performed at his very best; assisted by driver Peter Ingves performing at his very best. And then it had little importance that the opponents were the best trotters Sweden can muster; Torvald Palema, Triton Sund, Adrian Chip…today they looked small compared to The Commander. To the new Commander to put it more exact. His trainer Petri Puro felt something was missing in his star trotter and turned his work-out schedule upside down. After a break, before his comeback at Visby, before running a 1.10-mile at Tingsryd Petri declared that he had Commander Crowe back where he wanted him. Not so many training stints dragging a sulky, but many under saddle, that was Petri’s new recipe. And did it turn out right! A new confidence about him, a new quickness from start, and a stamina his critics lacked in his performances is easily detected in the new Commander Crowe.

Flawless Ingves

Today’s win – worth 100.000 Euros – turned out to be decided already in the start where driver Peter Ingves went flat out and was able to squeeze by Adrian Chip to get to the lead. Behind them a breaking Colombian Necktie created bother for drivers looking for position, but in the end it turned out really good for Åke Svanstedt behind Torvald Palema, who found second on the outside, behind Glen Kronos. 600meters from home Åke had to start his attack so that Torvald should not get locked in by those coming from behind. At that moment a battle began that lasted all the way up to the finish line. And not to give Torvald a chance to win this with his patented super-speed, Peter Ingves had already a lap from home put the pedal to the metal.
– He was absolutely great today, said Peter Ingves after the race.
– I hardly have the words for it…
– I mean, to beat Torvald Palema, who in my eyes is the best trotter in the world, in a fight mano-a-mano is really something.

It was a tough fight, two horses side by side down the home stretch, but it was evident that the race belonged to Commander Crowe from 50 meters left an in. Still Peter Ingves felt compelled to ask Åke Svanstedt after the finish line for the result of the race.
– Are you blind? Åke had to settle for 2nd-place with Adrian Chip finishing 3rd within a length of the winner.

Commander Crowe raced without his hind shoes this afternoon, and not shoeless as predicted. That means that there probably is one more gear to be found by Petri Puro when that day comes. Petri Puro, who btw was an absentee today – home, out with a bad back. But Petri, take it from the 20.000 that were there – you’re horse was great!

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