Prix d’Amerique 2010 – The Preparation


As most fans of world trotting know the Prix d’Amerique field is partly set by the results of several “qualifying” races and various invitations to the best currently racing trotters in Europe, creating a field of 18 free-for-all trotters, which in the 2010 race included eight horses with lifetime earnings over 1 million euros.
Prix de Bretagne 11/21/09
Prix du Bourbonnais 12/12/09
Prix de Bourgogne 1/3/10
Prix de Belgique 1/17/10
Criterium Continental 12/27/09 (4 year olds)
Prix Tenor de Baume 1/17/10 (6 year olds)
The Prix d’Amerique embodies long history and the theme of “thanks to America” for its assistance to France in World War I. The 2010 edition was the 89th renewal, having begun in 1920. The venue is the “Temple du Trot”, Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes, located on 42 hectares within the Bois de Vincennes. Billed as the showdown of the world’s best 18 trotters the spectacle also features 150 artists, a parade of dancers and acrobats, the horses and their connections plus the “Carrousel des Lances de la Garde Republicaine”. Conducted before 40,000 fans the Prix d’Amerique illustrates passion, enthusiasm for the favorite entrants (cheering sections), a wide-open global betting event run by PMU, commemorative merchandise developed by a leading designer, donations to charity and the sponsorship of fragrance retailer Marionnaud (since 2001). These elements set the Prix d’Amerique apart from any other trotting event.
Further, Cheval-Français positions the great race within “International Week” that features 27 races for European and International registered trotters along with three days of Trotting Promotions Auction Sale, a visit to the Grosbois Training Centre and the Expo Etalons at Vincennes. Trotting fans and investors from around the globe gather in Paris for the week. Trotting art enthusiasts could also bid at L’Art du Trot in Paris, conducted by Million & Associates that presented 374 lots for auction sale.
As one might expect Cheval-Français promotes International Week and the Prix d’Amerique widely by its outstanding website and locally in Paris using well placed billboards and signage. Several feature videos accompany the effort to present the big race and the sport of harness racing as “Le Trot. Plus qu’une allure une CULTURE”.


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