OMC-Groningen/KH&RV Groningen 125-jaar-prijs Russel November (Hugo Langeweg)

Groningen The Netherlands 03.07.2011
2300 mtr

German Dutch-boy Superstar Russel November returning to where it all began for him back in '05, in Groningen. Russel November his 5th start since trying to forget about his broadmares in april. After his re-qualification at Duindigt (15.5) and his win against stable-friend Marco di Jesolo at the same track in 15.1, he picked up his gloves and rocketshoes to compete the European top class in Norway and Sweden.

In Europe he had just missed placing, but still flying with both 1.13.0. Last sunday the 8-year old returned to Holland to compete the Dutch topclass horses again. Controlling and maybe playing them a bit in a 16.5. Welcome home Russel! Good to see you and we will never forget the European Champion owned by Gijs van Dam (Stal Amsterdam).

1. Russel November Hugo Langeweg 1.16.5 (General November x Lacoste)
2. Welmoed Landerye Rob de Vlieger
3. Nisaro Gerrit de Jong
4. Warrior Boko Hubert Schoonhoven
5. Un Gamin Impuls Robin Bakker

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