Recently we had the honor and privilege to attend a Disney Institute Business Excellence educational event that was well attended by a wide range of public and private companies in many industry segments. The message was clear and case study results support Disney’s “Chain of Excellence”:

Leadership Excellence>Cast Excellence>Guest Satisfaction>Repeat Business/Financial Results

The chronology of these steps is common sense and is effectively about being a “creative organization”:

  • Committed, responsible, inspiring leadership
  • Developing a creative culture of people
  • Who generate innovative products and services
  • That provides the organization with a competitive edge

In the context of harness racing we read comments and statements about formation of committees, the negative future of harness racing, the USTA being only a “breeding registry” and that “at least for several big race days”…harness racing is not dead. Yet, what is substantively being done to revitalize horse racing in North America, what leadership exists, and what strategies and tactics are operators taking to develop the “Chain of Excellence”?

Today we observed that year to date pari-mutuel wagering in Canada is down 11% and average pari-mutuel wagering per race is off 15%. Yet, the French PMU announced that pari-mutuel wagering on their signature Prix d’Amerique day was up 13% over its best previous record, totaling in US$ 58.5 million. And PMU has reported consistent single-digit year over year handle increases. This year PMU packaged a live racing/simulcasting doubleheader starting with 11:00am post time at Cagnes-sur-Mer followed, with a two race overlap, by the Hippodrome Paris-Vincennes card. Widespread classically designed promotion attracted day-long patrons to both tracks and to the 2,200 off track betting sites operated by PMU. The attraction was sports based entertainment for the entire family on track, focused on culture, the allure of iconic horses and related entertainment. It worked…it works in any consumer business if executed properly. Quality product and service, not over-exposed, attracts fans (whether casual fans or repetitive fans), sponsors, and widespread media coverage.

Take a look at the examples below, from the pre-race sale and EXPO, the brand and feature event, the companion track, and follow up action packed events over the next several weeks — consistent cues and broad appeal:

Trotting Promotion



  • Récents faciles vainqueurs l’un et l’autre à Vincennes

SANYMEDE TIVOLI et ROXANE DE BEAUMEE passeront en vente le vendredi 29 janvier en inscription de dernière minute (wild cards), convenues aux numéros 258 et 310 des ventes du Prix d’Amérique 2010.


À l’occasion du Prix d’Amérique Marionnaud disputé ce dimanche à Paris Vincennes, l’Hippodrome de la Côte d’Azur se met à l’heure américaine et vous permet de vivre simultanément la journée de courses de Cagnes-sur-Mer et les temps forts de la course de trot la plus prestigieuse au monde. AU PROGRAMME DE LA JOURNÉE: • 9 courses au trot – PMU Départ de la 1ère course à 11h15, dernière course à 14h50 • 2 groupes musicaux : Country et Rock & Roll 50’ies • Voitures américaines • Taureau-rodéo • Promenades en diligence • Grand barbecue – déjeuner offert aux 200 premiers spectateurs payants • Animations pour enfants : poneys, structures gonflables

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